Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Busy Girl Nail Art Challenge - Oxblood

I've been really horrible at posting again :( my laptop got a virus and I had to try to reformat it... except I couldn't get it to work lol... and then I finally moved out of my parents place so I've been pretty busy moving my stuff out slowly while still working and going to school... Anyway on to the nails!

This is 2 coats of OPI Lost on Lombard from the San Francisco collection. I love San Francisco and I'm loving a lot of the colors from this collection! Still have to track down Alcatraz Rocks... might need to order that one online. Formula on this was quite good. This color is a classic dark red with a bit of orange/brick tone to it. This color reminds me of the buildings in Chinatown... a classic red but a bit kind of faded I guess

When I started this challenge I really wanted to try and do some kind of nail art for each challenge prompt. I attempted a red and black saran wrap mani for this prompt. Unfortunately it didn't work out as I envisioned it... I feel like it ended up looking like a scab lol. I don't think it shows up that well in my picture but the red base wasn't fully dry when I tried to do the saran wrap technique over it so some of the red came off leaving the pink nail showing so it really looked like a scab. 

I thought about maybe using the hairspray water spotted technique instead but it was getting really late so I ended up pairing it with a gold glitter, Sinful Colors All About You. I didn't really like this mani either but since it was getting so late I settled for it. I wanted to do blood drips for this challenge but I felt like it was too early for Halloween. And then when Halloween came around I didn't get around to it and it didn't match my costume lol.

The red and gold looked nice in some lighting but reminded me a bit too much of Chinese New Year haha. The glitter also flashed green in some lighting which I didn't like. 

Here are the rest of the prompts for the challenge... Hopefully I can catch up!

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