Saturday, 27 July 2013

White Nails - OPI Alpine Snow + Which is Witch?

3 coats of OPI - Alpine Snow
1-2 coats of OPI - Which is Witch for the glitter gradient

I read on All Lacquered Up that white nails with glitter tips are trending right now. I think white is the only color that I've never worn on my nails. Sure I've used it as a base for neons/gradients/water marbling but I've never worn it on it's own. But I'll definitely try anything on my nails once! I'm not that adventurous with clothes or other makeup but nails sure :)

I'm not sure if I like them or not. They are very bright and just... blank looking I feel like it looks weird. One of my friends told me to take it off lol but I got a few compliments on it from coworkers as well. The white with glitter made me think of Las Vegas and also weddings... maybe not together though I imagine those drive through wedding brides having those awful French mani acrylics that look really fake and plasticy haha. The combo was pretty but I think maybe it was just too much? It's been almost a week since I took these off and I'm still undecided.

How do you feel about this look?

Btw... for some reason the glitter in Which is Witch kept falling off even with topcoat. I ended up with a bunch of circular holes where you could tell there was once glitter. It was annoying. I was leaving a trail of glitter haha

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