Monday, 19 May 2014

Failed Reciprocal Gradient #2 (Scheduled Vacation Post)

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be somewhere in China as this goes live... not sure where exactly though I haven't really planned out my itinerary I'll just wander around and see where this trip takes me lol. I'm probably suffering serious withdrawal from most of the internet that China has blocked and wishing I could read my favorite nail blogs... booooo :( 

I decided to try a reciprocal gradient again. I originally did this for the Busy Girl Nails challenge but I wasn't that happy with it so I reposted another mani instead. I figured I would post this one anyway though... learn from mistakes! 

So I was pretty happy with the blending of this gradient... Then I took off the red striping tape only to realize that it had bled like crazy! UGH so frustrating.

Still better than my original attempt though (from March 2013)

Polishes Used:
Layla - unnamed white
Nicole by OPI - Alex by the Books 
American Apparel - Malibu Green

I believe this design is originally by The Globe and Nail I followed this tutorial from Colette of MySimpleLittlePleasures on YouTube

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