Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Obligatory Christmas nails

I haven't been posting much lately. I'm just so tired these days... no matter how much I sleep :/ dunno what's wrong with me haha I must be getting old

Here is what I'm probably going to be wearing for Christmas... debating whether or not to redo my nails right now. There is some pretty bad tip wear on my right hand and a large chip on my right thumb but I just did my nails last night and am feeling a bit lazy. I didn't do any cute nail art mainly because I can't draw. Also I'm not really into Christmas. Not that I have anything against Christmas I just don't get very excited about it. I absolutely HATE Christmas music and I feel like Christmas shopping is such a chore sometimes. I'm always shopping at the very last minute and totally stressed. My boyfriend keeps calling me the Grinch. Anyway I thought about doing red and green but just went with red and some glitter in case I didn't change my nails again for a while. I didn't want to have totally Christmas nails after Christmas! 

still trying to fiddle with the lighting in my light box. My skin looks so pale and washed out here but at least the polish is the right color

OPI - Big Apple Red (2 coats)

Accent nail: 1 coat of OPI Excuse Moi over 1 coat OPI Big Apple Red

OPI Big Apple Red is a crelly (jelly finish but more opaque than true jelly). It was thin but easy to control and each coat was extremely even. There was still some visible nail line at 2 coats but I was too lazy to do a third. It is not very noticeable normally just under bright light. Underneath Excuse Moi I didn't feel that more coats were necessary since the dense glitter would mostly cover the nail and hide any VNL. 

OPI Excuse Moi is a pink tinted base with silver and pink microglitter and medium sized glitter in various colors. I didn't expect the pink tinted base to change the color of the base color this much. At a distance it almost looks more like Valentine's Day :(. But I got a fair amount of green glitter on most of my accent nails so I think it can still pass for Christmas. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HELP!!! my nails keep breaking when I go skiing!

I went skiing on Sunday and broke 4 (yes FOUR) of my finger nails + 1 toe nail!!! :'(

This happened when I went skiing last year too with completely different polish on (but at least that time it was only 1 nail so I didn't think too much of it). I really can't figure out what it is about skiing that makes them break. 

It's really strange because it's almost always on my left hand (my non-dominant hand - I am right handed). 

Also my nails don't break very often normally. I always use nail strengthenng base coat (usually Essie Grow Stronger, sometmes OPI Nail Envy). I keep my nails polished to protect them (please don't tell me to take a break to let my nails "breathe" they break a lot less when I keep them polished). They aren't even very long right now! They were way longer in the summer...

Maybe the cold makes them crack or something? But I have gloves on the entire time and my hands never feel cold. And then I take off my gloves when I get inside and SURPRISE! Broken nails. 

I do need to carry my equipment around but again I have thick ski gloves on so that should prevent me from hitting my nails on anything and causing breakage. And again it is on my non-dominant hand usually.

My left thumb and pointer had corners missing when I took off my gloves as you can see. I noticed my thumb was broken when we went inside to take a break for lunch. I noticed my index finger broken at dinner. At first I just thought the polish chipped on my middle finger nail, but it felt like it had a snag so I went to file it... and as I was filing it a piece of my nail came off. Same thing happened with my right pointer nail although it was a much smaller piece.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Friday, 14 December 2012

"Your nails look like cupcakes!"

 2 coats Revlon Sheer Sugar + 1 dabbed coat of Claire's Love It glitter + 1 coat Revlon Sheer Sugar

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