Friday, 29 January 2016

Color Club Nail-Robi + The Face Shop multi-color glitter

Happy Friday! I somehow completely forgot to write a post last night and didn't realize until I checked my bloglovin feed this morning lol. Luckily I found this half written post in my drafts with pictures already edited :) I hope the fonts and formatting look OK... I'm writing this post on my phone on my way to work with the blogger app which is a bit fiddly... Anyway onto the polish!

This Face Shop Glitter doesn't have a name just GLI024. It has small hex glitters in white, red, and blue, and medium hex glitters in white, pink, and light green. The formula wasn't very good unfortunately. There was way too much base and the bigger glitters kept slipping off the brush and were hard to get out. This is one coat applied with a makeup sponge.

Nail-Robi is a gorgeous dark blue/purple creme. It looks more at home in my purple helmer drawer and it definitely looks purple when applying it and on my cotton pad when I removed it... On my nails it pretty much just looked navy blue though. It's a weird polish like that I guess. You can see that it's purple if you look by my ring finger cuticle where there's only a thin layer. 

This was almost a one coater... There were just a few small spots that were slightly patchy. If you applied a slightly thicker coat one coat would be enough... Or if you aren't taking macro shots lol. This one is a bit too dark for my liking but I like it with the bright colored glitters over top :)

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