Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HELP!!! my nails keep breaking when I go skiing!

I went skiing on Sunday and broke 4 (yes FOUR) of my finger nails + 1 toe nail!!! :'(

This happened when I went skiing last year too with completely different polish on (but at least that time it was only 1 nail so I didn't think too much of it). I really can't figure out what it is about skiing that makes them break. 

It's really strange because it's almost always on my left hand (my non-dominant hand - I am right handed). 

Also my nails don't break very often normally. I always use nail strengthenng base coat (usually Essie Grow Stronger, sometmes OPI Nail Envy). I keep my nails polished to protect them (please don't tell me to take a break to let my nails "breathe" they break a lot less when I keep them polished). They aren't even very long right now! They were way longer in the summer...

Maybe the cold makes them crack or something? But I have gloves on the entire time and my hands never feel cold. And then I take off my gloves when I get inside and SURPRISE! Broken nails. 

I do need to carry my equipment around but again I have thick ski gloves on so that should prevent me from hitting my nails on anything and causing breakage. And again it is on my non-dominant hand usually.

My left thumb and pointer had corners missing when I took off my gloves as you can see. I noticed my thumb was broken when we went inside to take a break for lunch. I noticed my index finger broken at dinner. At first I just thought the polish chipped on my middle finger nail, but it felt like it had a snag so I went to file it... and as I was filing it a piece of my nail came off. Same thing happened with my right pointer nail although it was a much smaller piece.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


  1. I don't know what can cause this but if you're interested in how to repair a broken nail (if it isn't too damaged)you can search "how to repair a broken nail with a tea bag". Maybe you already know about this, if not you should definitely try it!

    1. I've tried the tea bag thing before and it works pretty well! Usually when a nail breaks from skiing it's a pretty small piece so I'm not sure if it would stick with the tea bag method or not. I don't bother because it's not really worth the trouble it just messes up the square corners of my nails which is annoying. :( I got a new base coat and nail hardener both by Mavala so hopefully those help! Thanks though!


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