Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sally Hansen - Fearless Fog

Sally Hansen - Fearless Fog (2 coats) with Seche Vite
Mavala - Barrier Base Coat

Application was AMAZING with this polish! 2 easy coats that went on smoothly and self leveled. The brush is probably the best I've ever used. It is flat like the OPI one so it smooths out the polish nicely but it is skinnier than the OPI brush and tapered. This makes it really easy to get a nice arc shape around the cuticles and makes the brush extremely accurate. It also dried pretty quickly and was probably the fastest mani I've ever done. I didn't do any clean up at all on these nails! This is a polish I've had forever and kind of forgot about with all the other polishes I have to choose from haha

Unfortunately it didn't work well with Seche Vite and the amount of shrinking I got was kind of ridiculous. The picture above was taken the next day. The polish on my thumb nail also cracked somehow. When I first saw it I was really worried my actual nail had split but luckily that was not the case it was just the polish. Since the application was so amazing I will definitely give this polish another chance sometime and try it with another top coat. Hopefully it will work better with another top coat.

Update: I didn't really notice this when I was wearing it, but next to my other gray polishes it looks much more brown/purple. I think maybe I should reclassify this as a taupe.

American Apparel - Echo Park
Sally Hansen - Fearless Fog
Avon - Grey Flash
OPI - Skull & Glossbones


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