Tuesday, 29 January 2013

JENsations Sticks n Stones over GOSH Wild Lilac

JENsations - Sticks n Stones (1-2 dabbed coats depending on coverage) over
GOSH - Wild Lilac (2 coats)
topped with Gelous

I really love the look of JENsations Sticks n Stones. It is a fun black and white glitter topper with a bit of shimmer in the base. I just wish it was a bit easier to apply. I found the glitter would slide around a lot when I was trying to apply it. I kept getting so much at the tips and then trying to drag them around to get even coverage. I used a much lighter hand this time though and achieved a much smoother surface than I did last time. I also knew when to stop and wait for it to dry and add a second coat instead of just continuously prodding the glitter around and getting a lumpy base. Next time I think I will try using a sponge to apply the glitter like Sammy from the Nailasaurus did. Of course I say that now but next time I will probably be too lazy... I used Gelous on top this time (instead of Seche Vite) and didn't have any issues with glitter curling and lifting off this time!

Here is a swatch of GOSH Wild Lilac on it's own (2 coats, no top coat)

I found this on sale at Shoppers! I think it was maybe $4 each? I can't find my receipt but I will update this once it shows up on my visa statement and I can see the transaction.

I love the look of GOSH bottles. I think they look so high end when really they are a decently priced brand. The bottles are deceiving though. They only contain 8ml of polish - standard is 15 ml. So I guess they are about the same price as Esse or China Glaze then. But honestly I don't think I would really ever finish an entire bottle of polish with so many in my stash! So I'm okay with paying half price for a half sized bottle.

The brush was teeny tiny on this. Short and skinny. I quite liked it. It was very accurate and I didn't accidentally pick up too much polish as can happens sometimes with longer brushes. I found the polish self leveled quite well and I didn't find that the extra brush strokes showed at all on the nail. This might be an issue though painting larger nails like big toe nails, or if you bought a metallic/frost finish shade.

Wear time on this was just okay. I got 3 days' wear out of it before chipping but 2 of those days were the weekend and I did absolutely nothing. Only 1 day of wear at work where I'm typing lots. I was also expecting it to last longer because I wore Sticks n Stones over it. The last few times I wore Sticks n Stones I think I got 5 or 6 days of wear without chipping. To be fair though I am using a different base coat now (Mavala Barrier Base - before I used OPI Nail Envy... should go back to the OPI Nail Envy but it's sooo expensive!) Also, as I mentioned earlier I used Gelous as top coat instead of Seche Vite which stopped the glitter from lifting/curling but may have meant the mani didn't last as long. Maybe Seche Vite on top of Gelous next time?

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