Sunday, 23 June 2013

Maybelline Express Finish - Raisin Rum 270

Shown is 3 coats. You only need 2, but I did these as I was rushing to a wedding dinner. So even though this polish does dry pretty fast, it did get a bit dented and dinged. So I put on another coat when I got home before I took these swatch pictures. You can still see the ding on my middle finger but I couldn't really be bothered to redo it.

Application was decent. Goes on pretty evenly. Red toned purple jelly with brown shimmer  in it.

Personally not a fan of this color. I bought it ages ago but don't think I've ever worn it until now. I decided to try it because I've used another polish from the Maybelline Express Finish line before and I really liked the quck drying time... and I was in a huge rush.  In the bottle it somehow looked more like a red toned purple to me... maybe it was the lighting or something? Anyway as soon as I had it on my nails I hated it but I was in a rush so I made myself just leave it so I wouldn't be late. I figured it would be dark anyway... and it was! Thankfully it was so dim that we could barely read the menu... and I didn't have to see this horrible brown color lol... Sorry if anyone likes it... I personally don't... Maybe it's just against my skin tone or something but I just don't. I guess I never really liked brown anyway. It came off right after I took these pictures. I just figured I might as well share since I already had it on right? Thoughts?

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