Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Essie - Trombone

Here is a red mani I wore for both the Taylor Swift concert and Canada Day (behind on posting as usual... lol)

Shown is 3 coats, but you probably only need 2.

I needed 3 because part of the nail at the tip of my middle finger had peeled off, and so the white tip on this nail was still visible at 2 coats. I know in the picture the rest of my nails look fine at 2 coats, but in real life, the bright light from my lamp was shining  through the polish making the nail line visible. I put a third coat on all my nails because I was scared I would have VNL in my pictures but it was actually fine at 2. For once the polish was more sheer in real life than on camera... that never happens lol

(2 coats)

Formula was really good... went on easily and self leveled very nicely. It has a slightly sheer jelly type finish, although it is more opaque than most jellies. I guess it is a "crelly" then (creme/jelly) I've heard that term used a few times now. 

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