Monday, 7 October 2013

Busy Girl Nail Art Challenge - Gold

I've been meaning to do a nail art challenge for a while now but I've been too busy... I finally found one I thought I could handle... this one is only once a week and doesn't require me to freehand draw anything yay!

This week's theme is Antique Gold... I don't unfortunately own any antique gold polishes... or many gold polishes even. I have a gold foil metallic, 2 gold microglitters, a gold chunky glitter, gold flakie, and OPI Honey Ryder which is what I ended up picking. 

I was pretty disappointed with the wear time on both my texture polishes so far but I felt like giving OPI Honey Ryder another try when I heard from Mihaela that sandwiching texture polishes with top coat can make them last longer. Basically you do one coat of texture polish, then one coat of top coat, then your second coat of texture polish. The idea is that the top coat will prolong wear but since it's in the middle you can keep the texture. I used one coat of Color Club top coat between my 2 coats of Honey Ryder.

I'm really loving stamping over texture polishes right now. So since I picked a texture polish I decided to try it out for myself. Swanette (of advised me to stamp with regular polish. She said when she stamped with Konad polish over texture polish it rubbed off :( Guess the Konad doesn't stay if you don't seal it in with topcoat. So I stamped with Sally Hansen Black Heart. Plate is Konad m57.

Unfortunately Black Heart was a pain to stamp with. It shows up well but the zebra stripes formed these goopy strings when I tried to stamp. Basically the excess part of the image would stick to the skin around my nail, while the rest of the polish was on the stamper. As I tried to pull the stamper away from the nail, the polish would stretch across my nail and stick there. I hope that makes some sense. That's what happened in the picture below on my index and pinky. After washing my hands and some gentle rubbing I was able to get rid of the stray line on my pinky. The one on my index was much thicker, and probably fell on my nail when it was still wet so it dried in the texture polish. I wasn't able to remove it entirely but at least most of it is gone. I thought about trying to fix it with acetone/polish remover but I was worried I would make it look even worse by removing the base color or making a black smear instead. I was too lazy to redo it so I just left it as is.

The stamping did rub off a tiny bit, but only on my right thumb which is probably the nail that takes the most abuse. Even then it's quite minimal (this is after 1 day of work)

Here are the rest of the nail challenge color prompts. I'm not sure what I'm gong to do for the last one. I don't have any brown polishes at all :(

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