Saturday, 6 February 2016

Beaded Curtain - Decade you Love

I've decided to try to do more nail art rather than just swatches so I'm trying to do more Instagram challenges when I can even if I just jump in for a few prompts! I'm also trying to use at least one image on all my stamping plates before buying any more haha... But we'll see how that goes ;)

Today I'm doing the "Decade You Love" prompt from @clairestelle8challenge. I chose the 90's. I guess technically beaded curtains are from the 70's but there was a 70's throwback time in the 90's. Remember how flared pants came back? Haha I remember buying a beaded curtain from Claire's when I was maybe 11... It had lots of silver disco balls hanging from it and I thought it was the coolest thing! I also had an inflatable arm chair lol. I was also obsessed with dusty blues during this time in my life so that's why I went with this base color.

What I used:
Essie - Smooth Sailing (2 coats)
Pueen plate SE02B
Stamped with Essie - No Place Like Chrome 

What's your favourite decade?


  1. The stamping is very pretty!

  2. What a pretty stamping!!! I like it! :)

  3. I had Smooth Sailing. Lovely with the stamping. My favourite decade? I guess 80's.

  4. i really like the idea of more nail arts. i also love this design which can be acheived hand made as well, because in an easy way, just mixing a few oval shapes to dots it makes it more fun and unique. also love the color combo, this blue is very peculiar and it matches greatly with silver.

  5. beautiful the silver stamping. it looks like tiny glass hanging from ceiling


    1. Hehe I guess it does look like a chandelier too :) thanks!

  6. Very beautiful nail polish! ^_^ Looks cool with stamping! :)


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