Friday, 12 October 2012

Revlon - Popular

Revlon - Popular (2 coats)
Essie - Grow Stronger as base, Seche Vite on top

4 coats of Revlon - Popular
Essie - Grow Stronger as base, Seche Vite after third coat, Gelous after fourth coat

Popular (previously released as Starry Night) is a really light, delicate, pretty polish. It can be used to create different looks depending on how many coats you use. One coat of Popular creates a natural "your nails but better" look with glitter. I would have worn it like this originally except I hit one of my nails and had a bruise on it. (I'm so behind in posting that I've now worn it a second time already before posting it!) It was also a bit difficult to get it even at one coat. At two coats it is light pink, partially opaque, but the nail line is still visible. I really liked it at 2 coats too but again it is a bit difficult to get completely even coverage without it being thicker in some parts. At three coats it was opaque enough for me, although there was still slight VNL. I would have stopped here but when I was applying SV I accidentally dragged the pink base off some of the glitter so the glitter was bright silver (like essie set in stones). I put on a fourth coat to get back that light, airy, glitter sandwich look. I then topped it with Gelous. Unfortunately, it became a thick dough type layer that dented and moved after an hour even though the surface felt dry. I think this tends to happen when i use OPI Rapid Dry spray but then again it was also quite thick. I usually don't pull out the OPI Rapid Dry spray unless I have a lot of thick layers so it's hard to say whether it's the spray or the thick layers that causes this dough type layer that smudges/dents easily and doesn't fully dry through.

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  1. So pretty!! One of my all time favorite Revlons


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