Sunday, 14 October 2012

JENsations - Rainbow Sprinkles over China Glaze - Coconut Kiss

JENsations - Rainbow Sprinkles (1 coat)
China Glaze - Coconut Kiss (2 coats)
Essie - Grow Stronger as base, Seche Vite (1), Gelous (1) on top

Rainbow Sprinkles is a very fun glitter. It is made up of very small round glitters, medium sized square and hexagon glitters, and larger hexagon glitters in a variety of colors. I ended up with mostly red, green, and blue on my nails but there is also teal, yellow, white, purple, and pink. Rainbow Sprinkles applied much more easily than Sticks n Stones (also by JENsations).    For the most part, the glitter came off the brush easily and covered evenly. There were a few spots that I had to go over again, but dabbing this glitter on was not necessary. Seche Vite doesn't really seem to work well with JENsatoins. I think maybe Seche Vite is making the glitters curl at the edges since it can shrink when it dries sometimes. I think that may be why some of the glitters in Sticks n Stones lifted off last time I wore it. Rainbow Glitter became a bit bumpy a few hours after applying Seche Vite, so I applied Gelous over it. In those few hours however a few of the glitters had fallen off so I had a few glitter shaped indents on my nails. I will need to find a new glitter topcoat :(

I don't think I made the best choice when picking a base color for Rainbow Sprinkles. The base color is pretty much the same color as the purple glitters so they didn't show up in this mani. Also, the base color is about the same darkness as the glitters so they don't stand out as much. Next time I'll try Rainbow Sprinkles over a light color (like Oooh Shinies), or maybe black (like Fashion Polish). 

I chose Coconut Kiss because I wore this mani when I went on vacation to Las Vegas for 5 days. I wanted something fun for Vegas and I knew that Coconut Kiss usually lasts about a week before chipping. JENsations Sticks n Stones also lasted quite a long time last time I wore it. The base that Jen uses is awesome in terms of not chipping! As I'm writing this, I'm at the airport now waiting for my flight back home. (This will probably be posted later though since I still have to edit pictures) I really don't want to go back home and go back to work! Boo! Anyway my nails are doing pretty well considering I've been wearing this polish for 6 days now. My thumbs both have a chip at the side of them. There is no tipwear on my other nails but the free airport wifi keeps cutting in and out and I've started to pick the polish off when it's off and I'm bored. I think this mani got a little thick with all the top coat so it's peeling off pretty easily. Don't do this kids! If the polish (especially a glitter piece) is stuck to your nail and you try to pick off the polish it can take a layer or two of your nail off with it. Anyway... I'm blabbing lol

Coconut Kiss is one of the first polishes I bought when I got really into nail polish and started taking pictures of my nails and posting them. I didn't really know where to get good nail polish at the time, especially China Glaze, but really wanted some! I saw this at a local spa and ended up buying a bottle of Coconut Kiss that they had been using for mani/pedis. It had about 2/3 left and I bought it for half regular retail price (not the best deal in hindsight since it's almost that cheap at Sally's for a new bottle anyway but oh well). The bottle is almost out now but the formula and application is still excellent. Coconut Kiss is a purple shimmer in a purple jelly type base. It is not as sheer as a jelly though and only required 2 coats for opacity. I need to pick up a new bottle next time I head to Sally's. Probably my favorite purple ever.

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