Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pink Indie-esque glitter layering experiment

Orly - Lollipop (2 coats)
Milani - Lavender (1 coat)
Revlon - Popular aka Starry Night (1 coat)
Essie - Grow Stronger as base, Seche Vite after Milani Lavender and again after Revlon Popular

I was originally going to wear Orly Lollipop and Milani Lavender together but somehow it just didn't look right when I put Milani Lavender on. I can't really pinpoint and describe what was wrong with it - I just wasn't feeling it at all. It was really late and I had to work the next day. I already stayed up way later than I was supposed to trying to scrub off the glitter from my last manicure so redoing my nails wasn't an option. I originally thought of adding matte top coat so the glitter wouldn't be so blaring and shiny but I didn't think that mattifying it would really do it for me. My next thought was glitter sandwich so I threw Revlon Popular over this. I'm really loving the end result. I think it looks like something an Indie polish brand would make. I can't think of a specific Indie polish that looks like this, but I think it has that milky glitter sandwich kind of look to it. 

Orly Lollipop is a very pigmented light purple/pink creme. It is a bit thick and goes on lumpy on the first coat. It was fully opaque and smoothed out at two coats. Milani Lavender is purple/blue large hex glitter with fine purple glitter in a clear base. The large hex glitters are purple but flash more blue under certain lighting. It applied quite well and evenly for the most part. I should have gone over that one side of my ring finger again and it's really bothering me now. Oh well. Revlon Popular is sheer milky light purple/pink with fine silver shimmer and larger silver hex glitters. See my post on Revlon Popular on its own here.

I hesitated a lot before posting the in progress pictures below. Like I said, I was in a huge rush when I was doing this mani. I didn't have time to clean up before taking these so please excuse the polish all over my skin. I also didn't bother pulling out the light box for these so the lighting isn't that great either. Btw normally my painting isn't this bad but I'm right handed so this was painted with my non-dominant hand. I normally use my left hand for nail pictures but I broke a nail on my left hand so I'm taking pictures of my right hand until it grows out. Anyway here are the in progress pictures.

Orly Lollipop (2) + Milani Lavender (1) + Seche Vite

Orly Lollipop (2) + Milani Lavender (1) + Seche Vite + Revlon Popular (1) on index finger only


  1. Love the end result. Great call deciding to add Popular :)

    1. Thanks! I'm planning to try this again with different glitters sandwiched in between so there's more variety or colors/shapes of glitter. Any suggestions for colors? :)


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