Sunday, 3 March 2013

3x Water Spotted Mani

Sorry for the lack of posts! I was doing so well for a little while... Then I got sick... Then went on a ski trip where I didn't actually ski at all because I was still sick (but it was still fun to hang out in the cabin and hot tub!) Then driving back from the ski trip we got rear ended by a semi... Thankfully no one was hurt we were all just a bit sore. But it really made me realize how lucky I am to be alive still considering all the dumb things I did when I was young. We have graduated licensing here so basically when you first get your driver's licence you are only allowed one passenger and no alcohol at all. After driving for 2 years, you can take another road test and get a full licence without those restrictions (I think there are even more restrictions now but that was basically it when I was around that age). Anyway, since pretty much no one had their own car and had to share the family car there would often be times when we wanted to fit more than 2 people in a car. So to avoid getting a ticket we would hide in the trunk. It was usually in a sedan and we would fold down one of the backseats so there would be air... it was just dark and obviously cramped. Somehow this seemed like a better idea than sitting in the back anyway and possibly getting a $150 ticket (but really they didn't check often). Or you know just taking the bus. When we got rear ended by that semi I really realized what a bad decision it was to ride in the trunk. The trunk of my friend's car was completely crushed. Her snow board boot was stuck because the metal had completely crumpled around it and there was no way we could get it out. It really scared me to think that could have been my leg... or worse. This post is getting really emo so I'll try to shut up but I really can't believe I made such bad decisions when I was 15-16. There were also numerous times when I was in other peoples' cars and they would drive ridiculously fast and it made me really uncomfortable because it was just so reckless... but I wasn't comfortable enough to speak up and say anything. I would definitely say something now! Ok enough emo-ness... Just make sure you wear your seat belts kids! And don't speed like crazy! :)

Anyway... On to the nails!!

This mani was inspired by jackie18g and demolitiondiamond on Instagram.

For this mani I started with 3 coats of OPI - Skull and Glossbones as my base. Then I did the water spotted technique first with OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape, then Orly - Lollipop, and finally Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White.

I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out! I wasn't sure if all 4 colors would be visible but for the most part you can see all 4 colors on each nail (except on my pinky since the holes or "spots" in the water spotting technique were too big and it looks more splotchy).

I didn't realize how many little bubbles I got from the water spotting... I honestly can't see them in real life. Sometimes I think maybe I should get a crappier camera so it doesn't pick up all these little imperfections. 

And I guess for some reason I didn't think 4 colors was enough... I tried adding Sephora by OPI - Havana Dreams and messed up my middle 3 nails (I did them all in one dip). Should have stopped at the white. Havana Dreams wasn't pigmented enough so you can't really see where it is exactly. It just ends up being like a clear light blue overlay. The overall effect is like Easter egg puke. I don't like it at all but thought I would post my fail anyway. It also ended up not drying and getting dented and smeared. Blah.

Thanks for reading! :) Any color suggestions for my next try at this?

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