Sunday, 10 March 2013

Failed Attempt at Reciprocal Gradient

Colors used: Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White
Nicole by OPI - Alex by the Books
American Apparel - Malibu Green

This is my first time trying to do a gradient with tape and it was seriously a total fail. I think this didn't work well because I didn't use proper striping tape. The lines are all weird and wobbly and have a ripped look to them. I don't know why but I'm really lazy when it comes to ordering stuff online. Can't really explain why... I mean I spend tons of time at my computer anyway and it only takes a few clicks and a bit of typing to order stuff online. I think maybe I'm just really indecisive/lazy? haha So anyway for this mani I tried to use the day of the week stickers that came with my birth control pack lol. I think they were too wide so it doesn't look as nice. Also I think they weren't as sticky as real striping tape so some of the paint got underneath. I also think maybe I should have removed the tape right away to get a cleaner line... but really I'm not sure about any of this because I've never used real striping tape for a mani before. 

Here are some pictures of my mani in progress (taken with my phone). I really like how the colors I picked worked together! I think I should redo this mani and just leave it as a normal gradient or hurry up and order some striping tape already and do this mani again properly! 

After the first gradient layer. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw me post this picture already. Some dumb 14 year old girl tried to tell me I must be "doing something wrong" and that its called "NAIL polish" for a reason. Clearly she's never tried to do a gradient with a sponge before. Don't you just love Instagram? lol

Here is a picture after applying my stickers and doing the gradient in the opposite direction, before I took off the tape... When I was still hoping this would turn out nicely lol

And here's a tutorial from Colette (behind Simple Little Pleasures on YouTube). This is what mine was supposed to look like...


  1. your tape just needed to really stick down so nothing would seep under it, but to be honest, this looks pretty cool and grungy - own it!

    1. Aaaww thank you! You're right I guess I could just claim I was going for another look and roll with it :)


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