Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lemme See Your Peacock

Icing (Claire's brand) - Lemme See Your Peacock (1 dabbed coat) over
Sally Hansen - Black Heart (2 coats)

amateur attempt at a macro shot

Lemme See Your Peacock is all medium hex glitter in magenta, blue, and green. It was somewhat annoying to apply as were the other chunky Claire's glitters that I've tried so far. I had to fish for the glitter and then struggled a bit getting it off of the brush. It also kept sliding towards the tips of my nails so I ended up dabbing it on. I really do love this look though so I don't mind too much. Also if it is like the other Claire's glitters I've tried it wears quite well! At least 5 days before any chips (only slight tip wear).

My original thought was just to wear it over black, but before I added the glitter I thought it might look more interesting over some dark duochrome polishes. I'm glad I tested this out on 2 nails before doing all my nails... I ended up hating the result. I much prefer it over black since it makes the glitter stand out more. The duochrome "background" is more distracting. For my middle nail I used black, then Orly - Royal Velvet, then Lemme See Your Peacock. My index finger I did the same thing except I tried Essie - Dive Bar instead.

middle finger: Orly - Royal Velvet between black and glitter
index finger: Essie - Dive Bar between black and glitter

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