Sunday, 7 April 2013

Innisfree 96 over black

Sally Hansen - Black Heart (2 coats)
Innisfree - 96 (1 coat)
Seche Vite

Unfortunately I got a pretty bad cut on my cuticle my second day wearing this. I wasn't even sure if I was going to ever post these pictures or just reswatch this polish at some point and take new pictures. I ended up slapping on this band aid from psdGraphics (free!) and posting them. Not as nice as I would want it to look but oh well. The main point of these pictures is the polish not my gross cuticles right? lol

Added Deborah Lippmann - Flat Top Matte Top Coat a few days later

I think I prefer this mani matte personally. Innisfree 96 consists of large hex glitters that shift in color from an indigo to a teal color. There is orange micro glitter that is visible in some lighting. There is also smaller glitter in light purple, light blue, and light green (these don't shift colors).

I did this mani quite a while ago and unfortunately I didn't take notes on application or anything. From what I remember though I didn't have trouble with application (fishing for glitter etc) and it went on quite easily. The wear time for this mani was pretty bad but I think this was probably due to me trying to fix my Seche Vite and failing. Most of the manis I wore around this time wore badly as well, so I think it was due to my modified Seche Vite. 

Basically my Seche Vite was getting quite thick and I didn't have any luck finding any Seche Restore in stores here. (Seche Restore is what you're supposed to add to Seche Vite when it gets thick. It is made by the same company that makes Seche Vite and is designed to work with it by replacing whatever chemicals evaporate and cause thickening.) So I decided to try adding normal nail polish thinner (brand: Beauty Secrets, bought at Sally's) to my Seche Vite. It seemed to do the trick at first but all my manis I used it on would flake at the sides of the nail, and develop cracklines down the middle of the nail the next day =/ 

I will definitely wear this again sometime (maybe over a lighter color to see how it looks?) and see how the wear is then :)

Innisfree is a Korean brand. I bought mine from a friend of a friend's online shop Psychedelico Milly $5.00 each plus shipping. I believe it is also available on eBay.

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