Monday, 16 November 2015

#RecycleManiMonday - Rainbow Chevrons over Black/White Saran Wrap

I don't know why but my nails have been chipping really fast lately :'( ... I think maybe it's the sudden cold snap we've been having here... I haven't changed anything in my nail care routine

So since my black and white saran wrap mani chipped in only 2 days I decided to try to recycle it. I really like black and white with a bit of colour so I decided to do some rainbow chevrons on top. 

I used these nail vinyls from Born Pretty Store. Use my code SL10K31 for 10% off. I really like these vinyls. They stick down well and I didn't have any issues with them lifting at the sides. I was able to move them around a few times too and they were still sticky but not too sticky. My only complaint is that some of the vinyls weren't fully cut at the edges so I had to tug a bit to get them separated from each other. I haven't used any other nail vinyls before though so I don't have anything to compare to other than striping tape. 

Polishes used:
Red: Color Club - Mamba 
Orange: China Glaze - Japanese Koi 
Yellow: Color Club - Yodel Yellow*
Green: Color Club - Screen Green*
Blue: Color Club - Tumblr Blue*
Purple: Color Club - Yahoo Purple*
*I won these polishes in a giveaway... I don't think they are available for purchase anywhere... sorry!

I personally don't really like the red/orange/yellow nails... the yellow is too sheer and it's bugging me. I really like the way the green/blue/purple nails turned out though :) (My pinky was too small to fit 3 colors so I just did 2.)

What do you think of this look? Do you ever recycle your manis too?


  1. Its cute and adds a nice pop of color. My hands have been super dry and the colder weather where I live means not a lot of time for me to take good pictures too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Ya my hands are super dry too. I use a light box so I don't need to worry about the weather for my pictures... I think the weather might be causing my nails to chip quickly though :(

  2. Great mani and so colourful :-D

  3. I LOVE this :)
    It looks amazing with the bright fun colors over the black and white :)
    Really lovely manicure :)

  4. I like them, they are very special, I think that it is because of the wrap. xoxo

  5. It is an interesting nail art, though I don't like how the yellow polish covers, but sure it looks fun!

    1. Thanks Andrea! Yeah I wasn't happy with the yellow either :( I should have tested it first

  6. Love the colours and the chevrons!


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