Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Fall to Winter Transitional

Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is "Fall to Winter Transitional." I was feeling uninspired so I decided to do a fashion inspired mani since I haven't done one in a loooong time.

This mani is inspired by this top from Stella McCartney's Fall 2015 Ready to Wear collection. I was streaming a video of the collection when I saw this top and it was a bit grainy. I thought the top left section of the top was silver glitter... I didn't realize it wasn't silver glitter until I was working on this post and went to look for a nice pic of the top and then I was just like @#^(&$#!!! lol oh well. I didn't have much time to do my nails so I just copied the colours... If I had more time  I would have tried to do the funky shapes too!

The beige/tan color is Elf - Desert Haze. I love how the outer cap comes off... You get the look of the square bottle but it's still easy to hold and use the brush. It was quite pigmented and applied really well. It was slightly thick but in a way that made application easier. It went on smoothly and self levelled nicely. Shown is 2 coats.

I don't have a full coverage silver glitter so for my accent nail I started with a base of Avon Cosmic Moonbeam (2 coats) topped with Essie Set in Stones (3 coats)

On my pinky I have Layla No. 24 black (2 coats). It has a slightly crelly formula. A bit sheer on the first coat but super glossy :)

Beige really reminds me of fall while silver glitter and black remind me of holiday parties (although I wear all polish all year round!) so in a way this is a literal "Fall to Winter" Transitional mani. Or maybe a mani mullet... "Business in the front, party in the back"? haha maybe I'm just being lame :p

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  1. I like that you got inspiration for these nails from a fashion piece. It looks terrific!

  2. What a pretty mani! =) Super classy *__*

  3. These are really pretty! The colors are so nice together!

  4. I like how you matched your nails to the top and that glitter polish is fantastic!

  5. I really like this manicure and that glitter is amazing!

  6. Desert Haze is a really pretty nude/brown shade! I really like your interpretation of the shirt - I love fashion-inspired nails!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think I'm going to try doing more fashion inspired nails... These were really fun to do :)

  7. your ringfinger is everything!!!! *_*

  8. I love the mullet mani idea, so much fun! This looks great, love that glitter!

  9. Love this mani, it reminds me of chocolate, and now I want some :)

  10. Great idea. It didn't occur to me to do something inspired by fashion.


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