Sunday, 18 December 2016

Silver + Gradient Stamping

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted much this week... It's been pretty busy with people visiting from out of town! 

Today I did a metallic gradient over a slightly holo silver base. No particular reason just experimenting :)

Base is Avon Moonbeam gradient stamped with Layla No. 24 (2 coater jelly black), Color Club Beyond (charcoal holo) and Essie No Place Like Chrome (silver) using Born Pretty Store plate BP-13 use my code SL10k31 for 10% off!

Plate was engraved well as always and I had no issues transferring the images. There's some nice full nail images here and I've been meaning to use the music image but just haven't got around to it yet!

I'm not completely happy with how this came out... I think I should have scraped across the plate more to blend the colors better. The blending looks good on my pinky but of course it's totally slanted lol

What do you think of this mani?


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