Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wet n Wild Fergie - Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night

Hi everyone! I had a busy week at work and didn't have a chance to post :( Today I have a glitter topper to share. I bought this out of the clearance bin a long time ago... It was only $2 and so a total impulse purchase! I bought it without checking swatches/reviews on my phone as I normally do. 

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night is a clear base with small black glitter and medium silver hex glitter. The black glitter actually flashes bronze under the light which looks quite stunning. You can see this a bit on the right side of my middle nail... right above the silver hex there. 

Formula was ok... A thick jelly base but not too thick. Since the brush was black it was hard to tell how much glitter was on the brush before applying. It was a bit hard to get the glitters off the brush, especially the silver hexes, and required some dabbing. The base also got a bit sticky after going over it a few times and I accidentally wiped off the polish at the very tip of my pinky... I gave up trying to get glitter to stick there and patched it with the base color... I was tired 

Base is a dusty slightly grey blue from Cosmetic Arts... it's unlabeled unfortunately. I nicknamed this one "Blake"

And because now it's stuck in my head...


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