Saturday, 28 July 2012

CG Flying Dragon + Claire's Candy Shop

Base: China Glaze - Flying Dragon (my review and swatch of it alone here)
Glitter: Claire's - Candy Shop (Deborah Lippmann dupe)
Top Coat: Deborah Lippmann - Flat Top (over Seche Vite)

Glossy version with just Seche Vite

I just can't get enough of matte glitter! I keep making my glitters matte in the end because it's just so pretty! 

I love the way this mani turned out. I wanted to wear Candy Shop but was worried about my nails looking immature especially since I'm one of the youngest people at my workplace. There's a ton of colors of glitter going on in this polish and I think they all stand out quite well over Flying Dragon. There's light pink microglitter, and larger glitter pieces in many colors: light pink, fuchsia, green, light blue, orange, and gold. I really love how colorful this is. It reminds me of Indian fabric. Flying Dragon ended up looking more plum than a red-based purple after the matte top coat and the light pink tinted base of Candy Shop. 

It was difficult to get the right amount of glitter on the nail when using Candy Shop. I kept getting too little and then going over it again and getting way too much glitter. I painted my left hand first and it ended up kind of blotchy as you can see below. My right hand was much better since I got the hang of the application by then and got it right on the first try :) 

I'm sad to say the wear time with this glitter was quite poor. My thumbs already have chips on the sides of them after 2 days. The rest of my nails are okay with just minor tip wear. The other Claire's glitters I've used last much longer so I was disappointed although the product is fairly cheap.

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