Saturday, 18 August 2012

China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy

More color accurate picture. Sorry for the blurriness!

Glows under black light! Doesn't glow in the dark though

I was really surprised by how many people commented on and complimented these nails! I mean it is a beautiful color (and very bright and in your face) but I just wasn't expecting that many random people to take notice! Shown here is 4 coats with Seche Vite on top, Essie grow stronger as base coat. 

Formula wise this was easy to spread and control but was a bit thick and not very pigmented. I needed 4 coats to fully cover my nails without any visible nail line. In the black light picture you can see that it does look streaky/lumpy although it isn't noticeable in normal light. I'm not sure if I just have a bad bottle or maybe didn't mix it well enough before use (I rolled it between my hands a bit but didn't shake it because I was scared of getting bubbles). My coworker always wears this on her toes and said she only uses 2 coats. I did a quick search to see how many coats other nail bloggers used. Pointless cafe used 2 coats, while Rebecca likes nails, All Lacquered Up, Temptalia, and Swatch and Learn all used 3 coats. Since this is neon polish it dries extremely fast which is always nice. It dries semi-matte, not glossy but with a slight sheen that looks kind of like plastic. This chipped faster than average. I had it on for 4 days without any major chips (but 3 of those 4 days I didn't have work so I wasn't really using my hands much). My manis usually stay on for 5-7 days depending on when/how badly they chip although I do lower my standards somewhat when I get lazy haha.

What makes this polish even more awesome is that it glows under black light! It doesn't glow in the dark though unfortunately, only under black light. In the picture, my hand is under the black light we have at work to make sure the cash we receive isn't fake. My coworker told me that her nails did glow when she was at a club so this should glow under those black lights too although I haven't tried myself. I'll definitely wear this polish next time I'm at a club!

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