Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Innisfree 82

More Innisfree today! Innisfree 82 is another crelly sandwich kind of glitter. It has a soft green crelly base with green and peach colored hex glitters along with silver and green microglitter. 

Application was fairly good... It went on easily and the glitters spread out well. The brush is small and round and fairly easy to control. The cap is not removable though so it is a bit bulky and awkward to hold while applying but it's not too bad. This one was a bit streaky and I needed 3 coats for full coverage. Not bad for such a light color though!

Also... it might also be a Twinsie Tuesday today *hides* 
So I got my mani done but I'm really not happy with it... Please don't enlarge it just look at the small picture lol :)
This week's theme is "Tulips" and I unfortunately don't have any tulip plates... So I tried to freehand this one... I found it really hard to get the polish opaque and even when painting such a small area... So I had to go over it a few times which made the tulips look like blobs and the stems much thicker than I intended :(
Oh well I guess we all have the occasional fail? 

I'm sure the other Twinsies have more successful Tulip manis to share so have a look :)

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  1. Gosto do vidrinho por ser pequeno, mas a cor não me agrada muito.

    Bjim ...
    blog Usei Hoje

  2. The crelly polish is cute and your tulip manicure didn't turn out too bad!

  3. I guess you need a thinner brush and then it will look better, I think a lot depends on the brush :)

    1. I think my brush is actually maybe too stiff? And my polish too watery? I kept accidentally brushing it away accidentally when I tried to paint the tulips

  4. Aww I think the tulips are really cute!

  5. Even if it needed three coats, I like it! The color is super nice for spring!

  6. The tulips r cute and the polish too! :)

  7. I think you mani didn't turn out too bad, it's really cute :)
    Baybe it would be easier using acrylic paint, it's a lot easier to correct, you can simply scratch any excess paint away with a toothpick :)

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah I tried acrylic paint first but I don't use my acrylic paints often and they were separated pretty badly... I tried to mix them back together but they were too watery and not opaque at all so I switched to polish :(

  8. I think your tulips are really cute! I love that crelly base color too!


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