Sunday, 11 November 2012

Inspired by Zoya Blaze

I bought OPI’s Metallic 4 Life when it came out on impulse, thinking it looked amazing in the bottle. As I was applying it I thought “hmm... wouldn’t this look similar to a black creme with Essie Set in Stones on top?” I regretted buying Metallic 4 Life because of that. Sure a black creme + Essie Set in Stones probably wouldn’t be an exact dupe for Metallic 4 Life, but it probably would’ve been similar enough to not bother buying Metallic 4 Life. (I haven't actually tried this yet)

So when I saw Zoya’s Ornate 2012 collection I immediately thought the 3 with scattered holo effect (Aurora, Blaze, Storm) were gorgeous... BUT I thought nope not falling for that again! I decided since I already owned a scattered holo topcoat that I would try to recreate the look. He's my attempt to recreate Blaze.

OPI - Dim Sum Plum (2 coats)

China Glaze - Fairy Dust (1 coat)
top coat: Seche Vite, base coat: Essie - Grow Stronger

blurry shot to better show the holo effect:

I took these pictures under bright lighting to capture the holo which made the base color look lighter. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use photoshop well enough yet to fix this. I have included a cell phone picture as well for a lower quality but more color accurate photo:

If you are looking at Scrangie's pictures then my attempt at recreation is really off. Scrangie's swatch looks really red. I was looking at Chalkboard Nails' swatch originally which looks more like a raspberry color.

Since Zoya Blaze has holo mixed into its base, there is much more depth to it vs putting holo over a similarly colored creme as I have here. You can see this best in Chalkboard Nails' swatch. So I still want Zoya Blaze but it's annoying for me to get Zoya since no stores that I know of around here sell it and I don't want to pay for shipping for one bottle of polish. I could buy more and get free shipping BUT I am trying really really hard not to buy anymore polish right now...... Yeah we'll see how that goes haha

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