Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Maybelline - Be Scene In Green

Maybelline - Be Scene in Green (2 coats)

Maybelline Be Scene in Green is a pretty green foil with golden shimmer in it. As promised it does dry quickly! A bit too quickly... if you go over a spot on the same nail again the polish can drag and cause bald spots. Better to come back to it after you do all your other nails and do another coat. I found that I needed more polish on my brush than I normally would or I would get a bit of dragging/balding. This polish wears quite well. I think I had this on for 4 days total before I took it off. This was a while ago but I think I actually removed it because I messed it up and made it ugly (see below) rather than because of chipping.

I got bored of it after a few days so I added 1 coat of Sinful Colors - All About You

I personally think this is overkill with All About You over it as well. I think I should have just left it... but oh well

Sinful Colors All About You has a clear base with mostly gold glitter bits, and some coppery orange glitter bits as well. No application issues. Shown is one coat over Be Scene In Green.

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