Sunday, 7 July 2013

Nicole by OPI - That's What I Mint - Gumdrops Collection Texture polish

Nicole by OPI - That's What I Mint (2 coats)

First two pictures are indoors under my normal lamp
Below is a picture of it outdoors in natural sunlight. 

This will be a super quick post because I'm supposed to be asleep right now... Have to wake up at 5:30 for work at 7 :'(

I have no idea what's up with the name of this polish. It's not mint at all. Thats What I Mint is a beautiful teal texture polish with mostly blue and gold microglitter, and a tiny bit of green microglitter in there too. In real life it's seriously stunning. I hadn't seen this one swatched on other blogs before seeing it in store (Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). I went into the store looking for Blueberry Sweet on You but this one just looked sooo much prettier in the bottle. I normally don't buy polish without reading reviews for it first but I took a chance on this one and I'm so glad I did!

No application issues here :) I really liked the Nicole by OPI brush. It's wide and flat like the OPI Pro-Wide brush but more rounded at the corners which I found made it nicer to use. This is definitely a two-coater. It is too sheer on the first coat but perfect on the second. Dry time was fairly good.

I just put this on last night so I don't have anything to say about wear time or removal right now. Please check back in a few days... I promise to update this post after I remove this mani!

UPDATE: Ok so that was way longer than I said it would be but as promised here is my update!

Here it is with topcoat:

Personally I LOVE it with topcoat. Although then it loses the texture/liquid sand finish that sets it apart from other blue glitters. This texture was not as rough as Honey Ryder  and I think it would probably stay smooth with 2 coats of top coat. 

Wear time was no good... I took it off after 2 days because I couldn't stand looking at it anymore I usually go 3-4 days before changing my mani so that says something...

My right middle finger nail was particularly driving me crazy. I think the tip wear on this polish was really obvious, not only because of the bright blue color, but also because of the texture. I think because the texture polish was a bit thick this made the tips where there was no polish more obvious if that makes any sense...? Like you could see the difference between the layer vs no layer... like difference in height...? Ok I'm too tired to explain things well lol

No issues with removal. It was a bit slower than removing a creme finish polish but no need to use the foil method for this one. It was off in about 4 minutes (both hands) with minimal scrubbing just a few seconds of soaking.

Overall, I think in terms of color/finish this polish really is the stunner of the whole NOPI Gumdrops collection. I'm surprised it wasn't included in the samples provided to major bloggers... the ones that I regularly read anyway (The PolishAholic, Fashion Polish, Vampy Varnish, Peachy Polish). I was pretty disappointed with the wear time though. I think this might just be because I had read on All Lacquered Up that the Mariah Carey liquid sands wore like iron and it got my hopes up. I'll still wear this for a quick mani... it is very pretty! I just wish it stayed on longer.

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