Saturday, 6 July 2013

OPI Honey Ryder Liquid Sand

OPI Honey Ryder (2 coats) from the Bond Girls collection

You could probably get away with one coat, but I still had a bit of visible nail line under bright light so I was worried it would show in pictures. 

No application issues. It looked like a normal glitter polish when wet, and dried to a slightly sandy finish. It got a bit bumpier with the second coat. Dries pretty quickly.

In terms of the look I actually quite like it. I'm still not liking creme finish texture polishes but I think maybe they would look better in real life? I think the way cameras tend to focus makes texture polishes look bumpier than they are in real life. Each little grain is super sharp and well defined, but in real life, unless you are looking really closely, it creates an interesting finish the way the light hits it. It doesn't look so much like tiny rocks in real life lol.

In terms of color this is a beautiful light gold/champagne color and is neutral and easy to match with everything. I like that it is neutral while still managing to be interesting and unique. I like how it's sparkly without being super blingy and in your face. I think this polish could also maybe qualify for "office safe" depending on how strict your workplace is. It pushes the envelope a bit but I think it still fits. Not biased at all there. 

This polish actually really made me think of Christmas time. I think it's because my mom has these Christmas bauble things with the exact same finish. I'm too lazy to dig them out of storage right now but they look something like this

The only thing I was disappointed with was wear time. I read on numerous blogs that the wear time on these texture polishes was amazing. Not Honey Ryder specifically but numerous other ones. I figured it would be the same but I didn't find it to be any better than my typical manis. I wore this mani for 3 full days. My left thumb is chipped on both sides as you can see below. There is also a crack on my index finger, tip wear on my middle finger, and a chip at the side of my ring finger. This is my left hand.

Here I tried to show what Honey Ryder would look like with topcoat on. My middle and ring fingers have Gelous on top. I left my index without for comparison. Honey Ryder eats topcoat like crazy though. I used 2 coats of Gelous and they both disappeared pretty quickly. I would guess that you would need 3-4 coats of topcoat to make this stay glossy. I took this picture right after applying Gelous (while it was still wet) before it could settle in and get bumpy again. (This was while the second coat of Gelous was still wet)

**EDIT** I totally forgot to talk about removal! I meant to but I guess I was just too tired haha. Removal was really easy. I was dreading removal because I thought it would be like removing glitter and require lots of scrubbing (yes I know about the foil method but my skin has a horrible reaction to it so I never remove glitter that way). I finished both hands in about 4 minutes. Definitely harder to remove than a normal creme, but really not difficult to remove at all. 

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