Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Monday Blues: Half Moon Gradient

Ok so I just missed Monday... it is now Tuesday and I probably should have been asleep an hour ago! I definitely have the Monday Blues today... work from 9-5 and then night class from 630-930.... :( I also found out that because there are a bunch of stat holidays that fall on Mondays this term I will have class 630-930 on a bunch of Fridays to make up for them... Perfect way to spend a Friday evening... not! :@

Enough ranting... time for a quick nail post! Sorry the pictures aren't that great... I think my camera was super focused on the gradient and made it appear bumpy when in real life it was much smoother... Anyway I started with 2 coats of Color Club Evolution. The gradient half moon was done with Color Club Bright Night.

This design was inspired by Felice aka slacquerr on Instagram. 

This mani was quite simple to do and looks really unique and pretty. Start by painting your base coat. Once it is fully dry, stick on one of those hole punch reinforcement stickers. Make sure that the edges are stuck down well so you get a nice crisp half moon. Then sponge on a gradient of the two colors below the sticker. Peel off the sticker immediately. Repeat on other nails. Then top coat to smooth everything out nicely. For some in progress shots and a better explanation of how to do this see my previous post on this technique here


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