Saturday, 28 September 2013

Color Club - Beyond (dark grey holo)

Sorry I've been busy... again! It's almost midterm time and I'm so behind on reading... I think I'm also getting sick :(

Anyway I'm going to TRY to post twice a week... Monday and Friday... and see how that goes

For today here is another Color Club Halo Hues holo :)

2 coats

Dark, charcoal gray, almost black holo

Application was pretty good for a holo... I thought this was a bit more watery and sheer than the other polishes in the Halo Hues collection though. I did two thick coats but three thin coats probably would've been better. A few nails became kind of goopy and I needed to use seche vite to make them dry. I used SV on my middle finger... The other nails in this pic are without any top coat. I don't think you can see a difference? When I first applied SV the rainbow in the holo became more spread out... But the intensity of the colors was still the same. Not sure if that's what other nail bloggers mean when they say that top coat dulls holo... Anyway I can't see any difference now that it's fully dry.

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