Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Blues: Glitter Placement

2 coats of China Glaze - First Mate
glitter = Revlon - Stunning

This is my first time attempting a glitter placement mani, I used a cuticle stick and picked the glitters off of the neck part of the brush (above the brush). Not too bad for a first attempt but I think this would've worked better with loose glitters. I ended up getting a lot of clear base sometimes which made the mani lumpy. I also didn't wait long enough for the base to dry before doing the glitter placement. I ended up messing up the base color in a few spots as a result. The glitter piece that's out of place on my index nail is actually hiding a ding I made in the base. I think my thumb probably turned out the nicest, in terms of even spacing and not being too lumpy.

The pictures for this mani didn't turn out that well but unfortunately I didn't take any other pictures before my avocado injury incident... I'm pretty accident prone and (stop reading here if you're squeamish!!) a few weeks ago I was holding an avocado in my left hand and trying to use a knife to get the pit out with my right hand. Definitely a bad idea... Use a spoon please!!! Anyway you can probably figure out what happened next... Knife slipped off the pit and went through the soft flesh part of the avocado and I sliced through half of my middle finger, cut goes halfway around the base of my middle finger. Went to the ER and got 4 stitches (I didn't actually break anything the cast is just holding my fingers together so I couldn't move my fingers and accidentally pull on the stitches... Had that on for a few days). Half my middle finger (on the side that I cut) was still numb so I went in for surgery on Friday to sew the nerves back together. I'm in another cast now that needs to stay on for 2 weeks :( I might try to paint my nails later but I'm not sure if I can do it. My middle, ring, and pinky are all stuck together in the cast. So I might not post anything for a while... I'll try to post some old stuff maybe


  1. Great job on placing the glitters so well around your nail! It looks great :)

    1. thanks lisa! sorry i've been pretty bad at replying to comments and commenting back... new year's resolution #1!


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