Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Color Club - Alias

Hey girls! I've got some Color Club for you today! Since I bought soooo much Color Club at Winners there's tons more Color Club coming! ...once I get around to swatching them all haha

This is 3 coats of Alias. Alias is from the Alter Ego collection from Spring 2011. It has a smoky gray jelly base with purple and blue glass fleck shimmer and a green duo chrome shift. The green duo chrome is more obvious in the bottle but is still visible on the nails under certain lighting conditions. 

I love the blue and purple glass fleck shimmer going on in here. Personally though, I don't like the green duo chrome shift. Not that I hate duo chromes I just dislike the shade of green it is shifting. Kind of reminds me of moss or something. Call me crazy but this one might be going to the giveaway pile.

This polish shrunk quite a bit :( I used the Color Club top coat (the one that comes with the sets) which is what I typically use... I guess it's probably due to the jelly base. Definitely do not use Seche Vite with this one! I can only imagine the shrinkage you would get :/


  1. Its definitely a unique shade! I kind of like it though :) Man, I really need to check out Winners to find these sets but I'm on no buy so I kind of don't want to go since I might crave and get some, lol.

    1. I like that purple and blue glass fleck but don't really like that moss green I'm undecided haha

  2. Replies
    1. Ya it's kind of nuts how different this polish can look in different lighting/different angles :)


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