Saturday, 19 September 2015


I'm pretty behind on my Born Pretty Store reviews since I haven't had much time to post this summer :( This is from a while ago so it might be a bit too "summery" but I personally wear brights all year round.

Base: OPI - Do You Lilac It (1 coat!)  
Stamping polish: Color Club - Tumblr Blue 
Stamping plate: Born Pretty Store Qgirl-012 use my code SL10k31 for 10% off!

I picked up OPI Do You Lilac It in a two pack at winners for 9.99.  It is a really nice true lilac shade and I don't think I have anything else quite like it! All my other lilacs are much more pink or blue. The formula was amazing... Like butter and completely opaque in ONE careful coat! I'm so amazed... It's sooo rare to find a one coat pastel! And such a good price too :D

I was originally planning to use a teal for my stamping but the polish I tried (China Glaze Shower Together) was a bit too watery and didn't stamp as well as the blue. The result looks kind of 80s to me and reminds me a bit of comics... like that jagged bubble around a BOOM! or POW! I almost named this post Boom Boom Pow but realized it might be mistaken for the Deborah Lippmann polish so I went with the name of one of my favourite songs right now by Charli XCX... I'll put it at the end of the post :)

As always the Born Pretty Store plate was etched well and I had no issues stamping the image onto my nail! The full nail images were big enough to cover my wide thumbs easily. I also liked how the image was large enough to use different parts of the pattern on different nails so that my nails didn't end up all looking the same. The plates now have a plastic backing too which is nice! No more sharp edges to worry about :)


  1. Fun name to the manicure. I really like how it looks. The purple is lovely and awesome to hear that it was a one coater too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! My post titles are usually just the polish name or color so I'm trying to be more creative with the titles :) yeah I was really impressed!

  2. Such a cool manicure, I love the purple polish.

  3. Very interesting combination. I like the subtle effect of the stamping!

  4. Cute mani, I like the colours :-D


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