Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Color Club Evolution + Black and White Saran Wrap Mani

This picture looks a little awkward. My camera is huge and I couldn't find a good position to hold it with my left hand without covering the screen and while still being able to press the shutter button on the far right... so this picture was taken by the boyfriend. 

I started off by doing my right hand first. I originally tried to do this mani using Jen aka the PolishAholic's technique of dotting on the polish and then using the crumpled Saran Wrap to blend and spread the colors out. I did my pinky, ring and middle finger this way. 

I felt that this looked too splotchy and messy so I tried something else for my index finger. I tried Chelsea Get Nailed's technique of painting over the entire nail with another color and then dabbing off the polish with scrunched up Saran Wrap. I painted over the blue first with white and then with black. While I liked the pattern this created more, I felt like the black was too dominant and took over.

For my thumb, I did the same technique but I painted just two stripes of black instead of the entire nail so there wasn't so much black. I still wasn't really happy with the black. I just felt like it was overwhelming and you couldn't really see the blue/white marble. 

So for my left hand I just painted over the blue with white and dabbed it off with scrunched up Saran Wrap. I gave up on using the black and liked the result much better!

I wore this mani for a full six days! Color Club Evolution wore extremely well. This picture was taken on the sixth day. The white from the Saran Wrap technique actually chipped off while the blue stayed intact! Btw this is 2 coats :)

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