Friday, 9 August 2013

American Apparel - Malibu Green swatch

I totally forgot how awesome this polish is! I was put off by American Apparel polish after Neon Blue stained really really badly. Such a shame... It was a gorgeous color! (swatch here... this is my old blog from 2 years ago!) I bought 3 American Apparel polishes together and never even tried the third (Echo Park - gray) I was so put off by the horrid staining of Neon Blue. Luckily, this one is NOT a stainer! :)

Application was really good. 2 easy coats. Formula is like butter... Not too thick or too runny. Quite pigmented. Wear time was amazing as well. I believe I wore this for 5 days. This was also really glossy even before topcoat. A few people actually thought this was gel polish due to the finish. I regret not wearing this polish more but I guess I just have too many! Lol

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