Monday, 12 August 2013

Color Club Evolution + China Glaze Mosaic Madness

Color Club - Evolution (2 coats)
China Glaze - Mosaic Madness (1 coat)

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry! Don't enlarge them! lol... I didn't realize until I already took off my polish! Ugh lesson learned there... never take off your mani until you've checked your pictures on your computer!

Mosaic Madness is made up of tiny glitter in blue and black, small and medium hex glitter in blue and black, and larger hex glitter and bar glitter in black only. There was no fishing at all required. I think if anything too much glitter comes out when applying it! 

I wanted a more sparse look... my pinky especially bothered me... those 2 black hexes are like 2 bug eyes lol... oh well... Next time I think I will try layering this over a contrasting color rather than blue. I felt like in low light and from far away the blue glitters weren't that visible against the blue base.

Any suggestions for a good contrasting base color under Mosaic Madness?

Color Club Evolution is a light, vivid sky blue. It was a bit more watery than I prefer but still fairly easy to work with. It was fairly pigmented and only required 2 coats. It self leveled quite well also. Dry time was average. At first I thought it dried pretty quickly since it was dry to the touch but then I realized that it was still very dent-able! Ugh... That's actually what lead me to put on Mosaic Madness... Anyway Evolution wears really well too... I wore it for 6 days as a saran wrap mani.


  1. Both are really beautiful!! Love the combo!

  2. Evolution is such a beauty! I love how it looks with the glitter on top. I would layer this glitter over a yellow or a bright pink. Those are some of my favorite colors to combine with blue.

    1. thanks! I'll definitely give it a try over a yellow or pink sometime :)


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