Saturday, 16 February 2013

Revlon Whimsical Over Gray (Avon Grey Flash)

Left hand: 2 coats of Revlon Whimsical over 2 coats of Avon Grey Flash (with Seche Vite)

In real life, I personally preferred only 1 coat of Revlon Whimsical over the grey. I felt that the shimmer finish of Avon Grey Flash still showed through 1 coat of Whimsical, but was lost under 2 coats. In pictures though, I think 2 coats ended up looking nicer especially since some glitters ended up being "sandwiched" under the top layer.

Right hand: 1 coat of Revlon Whimsical over 2 coats of Avon Grey Flash (with Seche Vite)

I never thought to put Revlon Whimsical over gray for some reason. I got this idea by looking at my "Traffic Sources" under "Stats." Someone ended up on my blog from searching for "revlon whimsical over gray". I didn't actually have a post with Whimsical over gray so I guess they landed on my post with Whimsical over Nars Kutki. I would like to thank this random person searching for Revlon Whimsical over gray for helping me discover this beautiful combination! It works really well... pastel colors with grey is always a win for me in clothes. Can't believe I didn't think of this myself. Hopefully this person searches again and finds my post :)

I find it useful to check this to see who is linking to my blog, and to see whether my tumblr or pinterest is generating any interest in my blog. I've decided to only have the first picture show on the main page of my blog now. To read the rest of the post, readers will have to click on the "read more" link. I realize this might be a bit annoying with opening multiple tabs or having to keep going back to the main page, but I'm really interested in knowing which posts people actually read. If I have the whole post on the main page I have no way of knowing if people actually read it or just scrolled past it.

Here is Avon Grey Flash on its own. This is 2 coats with Seche Vite. Please ignore the random dings. I decided to paint my nails like 10 minutes before my friend was coming to pick me up for dinner (I added Whimsical after I got home from dinner). So I didn't wait long enough for it to dry before moving around. It is dry to the touch pretty quickly but if you are pressing down on the nail in any way (for me it was buttoning up my jeans that caused this) it will still dent. Formula was decent. It was quite thick and opaque. If I could have got it even and level it would have been a one coater. This polish does dry pretty damn fast. A bit too fast actually. It was a bit like a matte polish in that if you try to go over a spot twice it will kind of drag. Better to just wait until it's fully dry and then do another coat.

On the nail it has a nice silver shimmer to it. In the bottle, there is greenish yellow, purplish pink, and blue shimmer. Unfortunately these other colors do not show up on the nail.

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