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Supernail Nail Bandage review

Note: This post is really old (pictures were taken end of Sept) so my nails look really different. I've also gotten a lot better at painting my nails since then! I don't know why I left this post for so long. I think maybe I was just really devastated about the break lol. Onto the product... I got this for $6.29 CAD at Sally's (I think that is probably the member price but don't remember now)

probably should have taken a picture before I opened it... oops

contents: different sized stickers (30), a 2-sided buffer

The break. I got this from accidentally snapping my nail back... really painful! :( BTW all that powder looking stuff is from just filing my nails.

right after sticking on the nail bandage

First impressions: It seems like just shaped scotch tape. If I try to lift the broken tip gently it does move. The nail bandage is quite sticky but is very flexible. It is not stiff at all and it doesn't seem like it will hold the nail together. I'm predicting that if I hit my nail, even lightly, the rip will spread further/nail will break off entirely. The tea bag method I used in the past probably would have been better since it dries really hard like a cast. Nail bandage seems to blend into nail well when buffed with included buffer. It felt quite smooth.

note: picture is not color accurate

Unfortunately, after applying creme finish polish nail bandage was clearly visible. You would definitely need to go over this with something that has some kind of texture or distracting pattern to disguise it (crackle/shatter, chunky glitter, splatter, very dark color etc)

link here for the resulting mani 

Even with the chunky glitter on top the nail bandage is still somewhat visible. It looks like there is overlapping layers if you look closely. It wasn't as noticeable in real life though.

After 3 days I lightly tapped my nail on something by accident. I didn't hit it very hard. Definitely not hard enough to break it. The part of my nail that was still connected twisted and ripped more. it kind of hung by two threads for the rest of the day (one being the last bit of nail, the other the tape). At that point I decided to take off the nail bandage. The bandage's claim that it would "last for days" held up. The glue did in fact last. The problem with the product is that it is not stiff at all and doesn't offer any support for the nail. 

This picture was taken right after removing the nail bandage. As you can see the rip spread much further. I ended up deciding to just clip off the rest of the broken nail.

I'm very unhappy with this product, The result was only slightly better than if I did nothing at all. I'm sure I would get the same result if I just used regular scotch tape. I wish I could somehow get a refund! 

I wanted to get the nail wraps that Colette from simplelittlepleasures uses in her videos but couldn't find it at Sally's in Canada :(

To be fair though, this is the first and only nail bandage I've ever used. Maybe all nail bandages are like this. Maybe this just failed me because I was hoping for it to be similar to a nail wrap - which it was not at all. Even if it is good quality for a nail bandage though, I found it to be completely useless. It was too flexible to be of any use in keeping a nail together.

I couldn't bear to cut my nails all the way down so I bought some Nailene press on nails at Superstore and stuck one over my middle finger. I had to trim down the rest of my nails a bit to match the length. I wish they made longer ones. 

The white tip was overly bright and looked really fake and tacky so I painted over it with 2 coats of Revlon popular to make it less noticeable. To see it on my right hand with normal nails click here. I kept the press on nail on for 5 days. It started lifting up at the cuticle slightly and I kept getting my hair caught in it when I would wash or style it. At that point though it was long enough that it was no longer painful so I just left it as a nub and didn't bother sticking on another nail tab.

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