Monday, 1 June 2015

Circular Holo Geometric Stamping

I was feeling pretty uninspired so I decided to just do some simple stamping with another plate I received from Born Pretty Store for review.

Base is 2 coats of GOSH Wild Lilac,  stamped with Color Club Eternal Beauty and Born Pretty Store plate BP21 item 17266. Use my code SL10K31 for 10% off!

This plate came in this cute printed cardboard sleeve. There is a blue film on it that you need to remove before use. The plates now have a plastic backing too which is nice! No more sharp edges to worry about :)

Like the other Born Pretty Store plates I've tried, this one was engraved well and I didn't have any issues with the stamping. I like all the images on this plate and think I'll be using this plate often! I especially like how all the designs on this plate are full nail images. I love full nail patterns like this! I also really like how each pattern is so large, so I can easily stamp my wide thumbnails. 

GOSH Wild Lilac had a really good formula, and surprisingly good brush especially considering their polishes are actually mini bottles (8 ml). The brush was short and skinny. I quite liked it personally... Although if you like wider brushes like OPI you might not like it. It was very accurate and I didn't accidentally pick up too much polish as can happens sometimes with longer brushes. I found the polish self leveled quite well and extra brush strokes didn't show at all on the nail.


  1. The holo stamping looks fantastic against the purple :)

  2. The holographic stamping looks so stunning on the purple. The final mani is cool yet classy too. The plate is great!

  3. Pretty purple and I like the holo stamping :-)

  4. Wow your holo stamping looks simply amazing! I tried holo stamping and had a huge fail, haha. I love how beautifully it stamps out <3

    1. haha i guess it depends what holo polish you're using? i only have color club holos and they all work great for stamping!

  5. What a great purple, so pretty with the stamping.


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