Thursday, 16 January 2014

Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge - Teal - First Skittlette

Attempting another nail challenge... hopefully I will actually finish this one lol!
Anyway here is my teal mani... I decided to do a skittlette inspired by Marta of ChitChatNails :)

Index nail: 2 coats of Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White + Icing (Claire's brand) Teal Me I'm Awesome 1 coat

Pinky nail: 1 coat of Essie - Go Overboard + Icing (Claire's brand) Teal Me I'm Awesome 1 coat

Middle/ring: Started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White then watermarbled with Essie - Go Overboard and Color Club - Soft Chiffon

Go Overboard is an amazing one coat polish! Applies like butter. Only complaint is that it's a bit too dark for my liking. When I last put it on (over a year ago) I was so unhappy with the color that I tried adding drops of white polish it to lighten the color. I don't think it changed the color at all though.

Whirlwind White was a bit thick and lumpy and tended to get drag lines from the brush. It worked best with lots of polish on the brush. Also try not to go over a spot multiple times.

Soft Chiffon is a very sheer milky white. Looking at the bottle I was expecting a white creme.

I haven't watermarbled in forever, mainly because it usually ends up taking forever and making a huge mess. I think I definitely need more practice... this one looks kind of wonky lol :p This time I just decided to do 2 nails on each hand instead of a full mani. Also I managed to teach my boyfriend how to put tape around my nails for me and remove it... That saved a lot of time since I didn't have to wait for my nails to fully dry for fear of wrecking my nails while fiddling with the tape. I think maybe he's a keeper ;) hehe

This is my first time doing a skittlette and I'm really loving it! I didn't think I would like it since I don't normally even like accent nails... but I pushed myself to try something new. I actually think I prefer the skittlette look over an accent nail... I feel like there's more cohesion to the finished mani. 

I did the exact same thing on my right hand (except obviously the watermarble looks different). I can't figure out if that ruins the skittlette look? Would you do the same skittlette mani on both hands or mix it up? Please let me know in the comments! I would love some input!

Also here are all the prompts for the Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge if anyone is interested. Feel free to join us! :)


  1. Your water marble design turned out amazing!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I wish I could do perfect petal shapes like I see other nail bloggers do... oh well maybe with practice :)


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