Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt - Tip Nail Art

This look was inspired by this tutorial by Robin Moses. I didn't think I would be able to draw a good rabbit so I took some inspiration from Chalkboard Nails and just did rabbit ears instead. My rabbit is shy and hiding in the grass :) hehe

I got really frustrated trying to decorate my eggs since they were so tiny. I redid my nails several times. Then I saw CopyCat Claws mani where she used the stamping decal technique to create her eggs.

(If you aren't familiar with stamping here's a good quick how to that I would recommend you watch first. I learned this stamping decal technique Mae... here is her pictorial and brief Instagram video tutorial)

I don't have any Easter themed plates though so I just used my chevron pattern to try and make some eggs.

Here is what I did

pick up image on stamper as normal

paint an egg shaped blob onto stamper over pattern

clean up everything around your egg shape. I used a q-tip and then a small clean up brush

Egg shaped stamping decal. 
I applied a bit of top coat to my nail, waited for it to be halfway dry so it was tacky, and rolled on my egg. Once the decal was adhered to my nail I used my clean up brush to fix the shape of my egg. It's much easier to fix it when it's on your nail than when it's on the stamper. When it's on the stamper it tends to just lift off.

Polishes Used:


OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape
Essie - Mojito Madness
Color Club - Screen Green (won in giveaway)
I applied 2 coats of GGG as a base and then used a striping brush to make V shapes using the other 2 colors for the grass

Easter Eggs:

Pueen plate 03
Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White for stamping
Color Club - Evolution (blue)
Essie - Cute as a Button (pink)
Avon - Suddenly Sunny (yellow)
GOSH - Wild Lilac (purple)

Rabbit Ears:

Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White
Color Club - He Loves Me

Color Club topcoat

Deborah Lippmann Flat Top matte topcoat

In real life I think it looked much better shiny, but in pictures I think it looks better matte. The glare made it hard to photograph, and also the light would hit the ridges in my nails and make them super obvious. Even my boyfriend asked me what was wrong with my middle finger nail LOL

What do you think of this design? Do you prefer matte or glossy?

I never really liked French tip designs before but I think now that my nails are much much longer than I think they've ever been I think it works. I have so much more space to work with! My nails are also in really good shape right now in terms of stains so I don't mind them being half naked ;)

What do you think of these French tip nail designs? 

I hope that you like my design and will consider voting for me :)

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  1. Oh so cute! I love it! The bunny is my favorite.

    1. thanks Micki! :) the bunny turned out better than i thought it would

  2. OMG! It looks so cute! <3 I love everything! :) The colors complement each other :)

    1. thanks Breena! I'm glad you like it! that's the longest i've spent on my nails in a loooonnng time haha

  3. omg the way you achieved the eggs is genius! I love the way your mani turned out!

    1. thanks traci! I'm glad I finally found a way through looking at other blogs for inspiration... I tried to do polka dotted eggs 3x and it just looked horrible lol

  4. Interesting... I don't thnk I have any egg-y stamps either. Your idea is getting filed in the back of my mind for furture reference! I love how cute everything came out to be. Just adorable.

    1. thanks Karen! the stamping decal technique is very useful I should use it more often... only problem is it's kind of time consuming to wait for the stamping decal to dry... I should get more stampers so I can do more simultaneously :)

  5. Replies
    1. p.s Now following your blog via GFC!

    2. thanks Mandy! And thanks for following! I'll follow you back once I figure out what to do with GFC... I don't know if I even have it set up? lol I totally don't know how to use it haha I'm so behind

  6. Very cute ! I love the grass :)


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