Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Tamara from NeverEnoughPolish

Please welcome Tamara from NeverEnoughPolish! I love her skittlette manis! :) That first blue/green mani is my personal favorite! I love it so much!

1. Where are you from?
Nampa, Idaho

2. How long have you been obsessed with nail polish? What started your
Since I was a little girl. I would look at fashion magazines and want to copy the clothes, makeup and nails.  I remember going to a strict private Christian school in 7th grade  where makeup and nail polish were not allowed and being sent to the principal's office for wearing clear nail polish!

3. How many bottles of nail polish do you have?
My husband just built me a nail polish rack for my birthday that holds about 560 bottles and that is almost full. I have a spinning rack, another hanging rack and drawers that contain another 500.  Wow!  That is the first time I ever counted and I have about 1,000. That's crazy!

4. What's your favorite nail polish brand?
That's tough but I adore China Glaze.

5. Random question: which hand do you paint first?
My swatching hand - the left.

6. Please list the social media sites you use so we can follow you! :)
The only one I really have time for is Instagram @NeverEnoughPolish. Someday I'd Love to have a blog.

If you would like to be in my Spotlight Series please email me at with pictures of your 4 favorite manis (I know it's hard but please try to keep it to 4 so I can make a nice instagram collage!) and your answers to the 6 questions above :) This Spotlight Series will be posted on my blog here and on my Instagram. Beginners and newer accounts are welcome too but please make sure that your skin is free of polish and pictures are clear to be considered.


  1. Great little interview! The blue and green one is my favorite out of the four too, its so pretty especially with the cute seashell charm on the ring finger.

    1. Ya I love the seashell charm such a nice touch :)

  2. Nice interview! :D I love all of it. I have to agree, though. The first one would be my favorite :)

    1. I really like the black and gold one too :) she has some really nice manis!

  3. Wonderful interview! She has amazing nails :D

    1. thanks traci! I agree she does have amazing nails!


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