Saturday, 2 August 2014

OMD2 - 31DC - Your Signature Style (31st)

I was kind of stuck on what to do for my "signature style." Most of the time I just post swatches when I'm not doing challenges... so I wasn't sure what my style really is! I decided to do some two-tone stamping since I've been really liking that technique lately. I chose this image that kind of looks like a dotticure since I've done a few of those recently too. I went with blue and green since I wear those colors most often. I didn't realize the green would end up as this yellow-green. I tend to wear more mint green or blue toned greens so this green doesn't really fit my usual "style" but oh well.

What I used:
Pueen plate SE01A (Encore set)
Color Club - Tumblr Blue*
Color Club - Screen Green*
Layla No. 23 (white)

*These are exclusive colors for SXSW... I won these polishes in Color Club's Instagram giveaway... I don't think they are available for purchase anywhere... sorry!



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