Thursday, 17 December 2015

OPI You're So Vain-illa + China Glaze I'm Not Lion

I'm so glad Thursday is over! I took Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off so I have a nice 5 day staycation ahead of me :) I have a fairly simple mani to share today... Although the glitter is quite festive and fun! I really love these two together but I think I'm Not Lion would pair nicely with a lot of different polishes

China Glaze I'm Not Lion is a clear base with gold, silver, and holographic micro glitter. It ends up looking like a light gold/champagne color on the nail. It's really pretty and builds fairly well on its own. It was almost fully opaque in 2 coats... Shown is 3 coats.

You're So Vain-illa is a nice light beige creme. I read on other blogs that this covers in 2 coats but I needed 3. I think that may be because I have a mini bottle of it and not the full size version. The brush was a bit too stiff and there were a few bristles that stuck out and made lines in the polish on my nail. I think if I had more polish on the brush and a lighter hand 2 coats would be enough. 

I accidentally dinged my thumb and was too lazy to redo it so I smoothed it out as much as possble and threw Finger Paints You're So Antsy on top. I have this out on my nail table at all times and use it to cover any dings... It covers well and goes well with pretty much any color. I really like this combination... kind of reminds me of duck eggs.

What do you think of these combinations? Are you taking any time off for the holidays?


  1. I like the combination here a lot. China Glaze I'm Not A Lion is such a pretty gold glittery polish. I hope you have a nice 5 days off from work too!

  2. Wow what a pretty mani! I like that nude nail polish combined with the glitter! =)

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love how the vanillia and gold go together. I'd never have thought of such a pairing but it is amazing! I'm adding this glitter onto my wishlist :)

  4. These are really nice and I like the glitter. :-D

    Your quesiton on my blog. I usually follow with GFC and Bloglovin'. I've not had the problem you referred to though :-| I hope you get it sorted :-)

    1. Thanks ananka!

      I haven't actually used GFC maybe I'll give it a try :)

      For bloglovin I'm only having the issue with the app... The Web version is fine but I have a pretty long commute on a train so it would be helpful if I could find something that works well on my smart phone

  5. The China Glaze I'm Not Lion is so lovely and perfect for these holidays

  6. i love how wearable and everyday friendly these nails are. i expecially adore that thumb topcoat. looks something like a speckle to me and i really like that. thank you so much for commenting on my blog. please subscribe and no worries if you are not a makeup expert, i'll have you in my scrollbar so that we can be up to date and chat, comment, get to know each other, can't wait!


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