Friday, 31 January 2014

January Haul! What should I wear next? :)

January... Oh my... I was BAD!

I spent... a lot... but I got a lot of polish too... so I guess that's okay right? 

On to the goods! (picture heavy post)

I'll start with my haul from Winners. The full size packs contain 7 full size polishes (15 ml each... 6 colors + 1 top coat). I bought 5 @ $10 CAD each = $50 not bad for 35 bottles of polish! Works out to $1.43 per bottle... so maybe I shouldn't feel so bad. The mini packs contain 4 mini polishes (7 ml each). I bought 3 @ $5 CAD each = $15 Works out to $1.25 per bottle... wow I just realized the minis are more expensive than the full size... but I just couldn't pass up the colors! I'll show all the shades now... Box by box... in no particular order :)

Hey Gorgeous - With Abandon - Emerald Depths - Alias - Total Mystery - What a Drag

Love all the dark shimmers in this set!

Kiss My French - Royal Flush - Soft Chiffon - He Loves Me - Wild Orchid - Overboard

Nice girly neutral set, pretty traditional except maybe the gray.

Mamba - Flamingo - Wild Cactus - Sunrise Canyon - Endless Summer - On the Rocks

Not feeling Sunrise Canyon but the rest are good staples... Looking forward to Wild Cactus and Endless Summer!

Sheer Disguise - Revealed - Give Me a Hint - Gossip Column - Red de Rio - Snow Queen

Nice set of neutrals... Gossip Column looks gorgeous can't wait to try it on!

Volt of Light - What a Shock! - Electro Candy - Tangerine Scream - Ultra Violet - Pure Energy

I thought these would be neon cremes. The lighting in Winners is pretty crappy so I didn't notice that blue/silver shimmer they all have... I'm not sure if I'm going to like these on the nail... I wanted neon cremes BUT....

Lazer Pink - Amp'd Up - Power Play - Limelight

Neon cremes!

Poptastic - All That Razz - Peace Out Purple - Disco Dress

And more neon cremes!

Sugar Rays - Apollo Star - Lady Holiday - Savoy Nights

I feel like this is a nice holiday set

Next... I ordered a bunch of stuff from Irene through her blog sale on Instagram @irnbbpolish I ordered 5 full size polishes, Pueen set, and 2 random plates. She threw in some other free goodies too... a scraper and mini stamper, mini SPECTRAFLAIR!!!, mini OPI top coat, and some random candies. Omggg I'm so excited for the spectraflair I can't even.... but then it's a mini so I also feel like I may never use it for fear of using it up *cough* hoarder *cough*

Pueen Sumptuous Set. 25 plates. see all the images here

 China Glaze Sea Spray - OPI Pirouette My Whistle - KB Shimmer Berry Patch
Gloss n Sparkle Unicorn Spawn - Lush Lacquer Neon Lights

Konad m78 - Bundle Monster 21

I pretty much bought both these plates for 1 image on each... The chevron watermarble looking one (bottom right corner) on Konad m78 and the Baroque swirly looking one (top row middle) on Bundle Monster 21

Finally... my friend got me a few polishes during her trip to Korea! These were presents... so technically they don't count in my damage for the month.... right? right? :)

Innisfree 6 and 35? I'm not really sure if those are supposed to be the shade names or not... also Modi 74? Can't figure out what the shade name is on that one either :(

I love the indie glitter looking polishes on the ends! Not really sure what to do with the orange glitter in the middle though... Orange isn't really my color and I'm not really sure what to layer it over... Maybe a fuchsia? Any suggestions?


  1. Great haul! So many pretty colors to play with! Super jealous of those Color Club sets you got! My Winners never have them at all, lol.

    1. The Winners I used to go never had them either! Not sure where you live but I bought all of these at Metrotown... you could try there if it's not too far for you :)


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