Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 Nail Art

xin nian kuai le / sun leen fai lok! 新年快乐! I'm looking forward to some really good dinners over the weekend... and hopefully I'll get lots of "lai see" too... so I can go buy more polish!!! hehe :) anyway let's get to this year's mani!

I was originally intending to do a skittlette mani but I kind of ran out of ideas lol. So now it's a triple accent nail mani? For this to be a true skittlette I should've done a different color on my thumb and index but I wanted to stick with the red and gold. Oh well I'm still fairly happy with the way this mani turned out.

OPI - Honey Ryder (2 coats)
Color Club - Red de Rio (2 coats)
Pueen 15 (Sumptuous set)
Stamping Polish: unnamed Color Club pictured below. This greenish gold Chanel Peridot wannabe polish (only showed up as gold for stamping).

Oops got a bit of red on my polish bottle :p


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