Saturday, 11 January 2014

Avon Cosmic Moonbeam

Sorry for the bad lighting! I took these pictures right after I moved back in November... I didn't have the lighting figured out in my new place yet :(

Shown is 2 coats. I was hoping this would be a one-coater like my Color Club Halos but it was too sheer... I still had VNL so I needed the second coat. No application issues, polish had a nice consistency and went on easily. 

The holo on this is pretty scattered... there is a very very faint linear holo going on that is visible only in certain lighting. I wasn't able to capture it but I saw it a few times... trust me!

I also found the color was more of a cool toned silver than what I was expecting from TraceFacePhiles swatch It is still an interesting, original color but just not my personal taste.

What do you think of this color?


  1. Its pretty! I like that the holo isn't too strong here but its subtle :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I agree subtle holos are nice too sometimes :)


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