Sunday, 20 July 2014

OMD2 - 31DC - Glitter Placement (16th)

For this "Glitter Placement" prompt I did a Harlequin pattern inspired by Gnarly Gnails and Nails Like Lace. This was trickier than I thought it would be so I only ended up doing one nail.

I think the top coat I applied before sticking these down was too thick on the right side, so one of the glitters kind of went into it sideways instead of sticking to the top of the top coat :( I think that piece of glitter might also have been cut a bit unevenly although I can't really tell if it's just stuck in the polish. 

I couldn't find a shade name on this polish bottle but Edit: "GR506" from The Face Shop. I used 2 coats. The glitter is this loose diamond holo glitter from Born Pretty Store. Use my code SL10K31 for 10% off :) See my full review on these glitters here

Here's another shot so you can see how holographic the glitter is!


Here are the other prompts if you're interested in joining! Full rules here


  1. This color is gorgeous, and love the glitter placement! Perfect combo!

  2. Nice job on the glitter placement! It looks great.

  3. Nice colour and I love the holo diamond shapes :-)

  4. Beautiful glitter placement! I haven't tried the diamond shapes yet, but they look great!

    1. thanks Traci! the diamonds are fun because you can combine them to make other shapes too! I think I'll make flower shapes with them next :)


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